Fire apparatus intercom system

950MAX Intercom System

Introducing System 950MAX, the most cutting edge and versatile communications system for fire apparatus and fire ground communications on the market today. This system combines two of our best selling intercom/headset systems, Setcom LiberatorMAX Wireless and System 950 Wired, into one system.

Now you are able to get the reliability of LiberatorMAX Wireless technology (no pairing, superior range, no disconnection, truck-to-truck intercom) on the System 950 platform for customers that want a combination wireless and wired headset configuration for the apparatus in their fleet.

The 950MAX has the versatility, performance, and reliability to meet the needs for any apparatus communications requirement, whether you are outfitting an engine, truck, brush truck, rescue, hazmat, EMS unit, or command vehicle.

System Features: LiberatorMAX Wireless Headset Features

Wireless Applications and Uses: Should you require an all-wired headset option, please see the 950 system page.

Should you require an all-wireless headset option, please see the LiberatorMAX fire system page.