• Single Radio Interface
  • Fully Adjustable RX/TX levels
  • Use with 6-pin RC or RCB cable types
  • 4 Radio Transmit Circuits
  • TRS Headset Jack
  • Up to 7 Wireless headsets can be used
  • Transmit or Intercom-Only
  • Remotes Port for Up to 6 Intercom-Only Positions
  • 2 PTT Foot switch or Push button Station inputs
  • AUX Audio Input
  • Automatic AUX Muting on PTT or Radio RX
  • 3 Second delayed recovery from AUX Mute
  • Fully Isolated DC Power for Noise Immunity, operates on 12 to 24 volts DC
  • TX Audio PTT Lockout. Only 1 user can transmit at a time, and only that users voice is sent to the radio
  • Can connect to 2 radios with RRC-950
  • Connectorized DC Power Cable¬†
Common Questions

Warranty on the 950Max System is two years from date of purchase. 

Please view or Warranty Guide for additional information. 

No syncing or pairing is needed.  LiberatorMAX operates is a channelized system. There are sixteen channels/talk groups available to choose from.

Once you set the channel, the headset and/or master station will remember that channel until someone physically changes the channel.

LiberatorMAX does not come in a single-ear design, however we do offer a vented cup version of the headset, for environments where situational awareness is important.

(Part #CSB-902MAX Kit for Radio-Transmit, Part #CSB-905MAX Kit for Intercom-Only)

Our headsets do not have cell phone integration. We aimed to make these as simple as possible for our customers to use and chose to leave this feature out of the design.

LiberatorMax gives you 1,500 feet, with a clear line of sight ( without obstructions).

Actual range may vary depending on obstructions and environment when using the headsets.

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