Wireless headset for wildland brush truck firefighters

Wildland / Brush Truck Communications

A reliable communication system on a grass rig is absolutely critical to combat wildland fires. Setcom's wireless intercom solutions provide a fully customizable and effective way for the hose operator to communicate with the driver, as well as other firefighters on the scene. Whether you are operating a Type 3 apparatus with four firefighters or a Type 6 truck with two firefighters, Setcom has the perfect wireless intercom system for your urban interface vehicle.

LiberatorMAX Intercom System »

For more nimble Type 6 type brush trucks, Setcom's LiberatorMAX system is the most ideal product on the market. Absurdly easy to use, the LiberatorMAX multi-person wireless intercom is designed for a myriad of fire service applications, ranging from wildland fire apparatus, to aerials, ladders and even fire boats.

Typical use of the LiberatorMAX is to arrive at a fire scene and put the headsets on. Within seconds, the firefighters are able to communicate over the intercom and portable two-way radios. It is that simple. There is no need to sync a base station, or do any onsite installation.

Product Features: For larger Type 3 wildland vehicles or where mobile radio integration is needed, Setcom's LiberatorMAX Apparatus System is the ideal system.

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