Hydrovac wireless headset

Hydrovac Communications System

Hydrovac excavation work requires clear and reliable communications between all crew members. Whether you use hydrovac trucks to complete daylighting, trenching, pipeline crossing, directional drilling or potholing jobs, proper communications are crucial for the safety of the vacuum truck operator and surrounding personnel. Setcom's LiberatorMAX™ wireless headsets will help your team be safer and be more productive.

Benefits: Why Use the Setcom LiberatorMAX System?
Recommended Systems:
Two or more People: LiberatorMAX: Setcom's least costly wireless solution for work teams of two or more people. Ideal system for an operations supervisor to be able to communicate with the operator of the vacuum truck. LiberatorMAX is simple to use and requires no installation, ready to be used seconds after opening the box.

Fixed Mobile Radio: LiberatorMAX Vehicle Intercom System. Many advanced features for multiple crew communication situations requiring integration into an installed vehicle radio. This system features the easiest installation on the market today. It requires only one base station to instantly connect up to seven wireless headsets.