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Industrial Intercom / Headset System Applications

Video: Industrial Applications for LiberatorMAX

Setcom's industrial intercom-headset systems can be used in all types of industrial and workplace environments. Below are some of the many applications for Setcom's headset systems.
Asphalt Paving Communications Asphalt / Paving - Safe and effective communication is a must when working asphalt and concrete paving projects surrounded by loud machinery and vehicle noise on roads and freeways. Setcom's wireless team communications system leaves shouting and hand signals in the past, providing a simple, reliable solution for real-time communication to safely and efficiently get the job done.
Construction Communications Construction - Construction projects require clear communication to get the job done right. Whether your crews are operating excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, graders, cranes, pavers, or any other type of high-noise equipment, Setcom can provide a ruggedized communication solution to meet your needs. For any size construction project, Setcom's headsets can help to enhance crew operations and safety.
Crane Communications Cranes - Communicate clearly and effectively between crane operator and ground crew safely with Setcom's rugged headsets and intercoms. Talk freely with other crew members while remaining hands free to focus on the current task. No matter if the crane is on a construction site, marine vessel, offshore platform, or mining site, Setcom has a headset system tailored to your requirements.
Directional Drilling Directional Drilling - The extremely loud and demanding environment that directional drilling presents for crew communication is challenging. Whether you are using directional boring to drill a pilot hole in the ground or drilling underground pipes and conduits, having a reliable and effective communications system ensures that your crew will be more efficient and safer on the work site. Setcom has the most advanced team communications systems for any type of drilling job.
Intercoms & Headsets for Drone Operations Drone Operations - During vital drone operations, crews need a dependable method of communication to stay connected. Setcom provides hands-free, full-duplex systems to assist in a safe, effective drone mission. Setcom's headsets can provide your drone crews with a vital line of communication, whether using the drone for agricultural use, infrastructure development, maintenance or training.
Farm Communications Farming / Agriculture - With easy to use and long-lasting gear, Setcom communications gear on your tractor can help you better plow, seed, till, fertilize your crops better and more precisely. Setcom equipment can aid not only smaller family farms but large scale corporate agricultural operations.
Hydrovac Communications Hydrovac - Hydrovac operators and excavators working around extremely loud vacuum trucks require high-caliber hearing protection and the ability to communicate effectively between crew members on the job site. Setcom's industrial communication systems is what crews need for safe and reliable communications to help improve productivity in work operations.
Road Crew Communications Paint Striping / Road Crews - High noise environments while working paint striping jobs on roads and freeways in combination with the requirement for intelligible communications, necessitates a Setcom intercom communications solution. Whether a simple two-person system or a more advanced multi-user intercom system, Setcom has the right design.
Public Works Communications Public Works - Setcom's wireless headsets provides a perfect solution for your public works applications. Whether repairing a pothole in the middle of a roadway or reconstructing a concrete sidewalk in the park, Setcom's LiberatorMAX system ensures for clear, uninterrupted communications among the crew.
Snow Plow Communications Snow Plows - Whether using a snow plow down a city street or a fleet of snow plows and sweepers on airport runways, Setcom's industrial headsets and intercoms provide clear communication and superior hearing protection to its users.
Towing Crew Communications Towing and Recovery - When working a tow recovery scene, whether on land or water, safety and communication is critical. Setcom has stand-alone and installed systems perfect for on-scene towing operations. Communication systems allow crews to keep their hands free to perform the task at hand, while maintaining full-duplex communication.
Train / Railroad Communications Train / Railroad - When riding the rails, repairing train tracks, or working in a rail yard, maintain clear communication with your crew members in the midst deafening railroad environments with noise-reducing headsets that enable teams to effectively operate.
Tree Trimming Hearing Protection Tree Trimming / Arboriculture / Forestry - Arborists and tree care professionals require rugged hearing protection and the ability to communicate between the ground and the tree or between workers operating a high-noise chipper. Setcom has the best systems on the market for tree service experts to increase safety and communication.
Utility Line Communications Utility / Pole Restoration / Aerial Line Work / Wind Farm Maintenance - Utility line workers and others using aerial bucket trucks need reliable communications between workers on the ground and others in aerial lifts. Setcom's industrial communication systems allows for communications and safety that is easy to use.
Work Boat Communications Workboats - Whether you're manning a tugboat, barge, supply vessel, dredge, lift boat, crane boat, or other marine vessel, Setcom has the right intercom configuration for your requirements. Reduce the fatigue on your ears and increase your communications capabilities with the other team members, nearby vessels, and harbor control.
Social Distancing Wireless Communications Social Distancing - The requirement for social distancing has created new challenges for clear communications in numerous industrial applications such as factory floors, production lines, and construction sites. During these unprecedented times, employers are trying to maintain productivity, efficiency and conduct staff training, all while implementing new rules to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Let Setcom help keep your crews stay connected while maintaining proper physical distancing as recommended by the CDC’s guidelines in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
industrial headsets industrial intercoms industrial wireless accessoriesother industrial applications
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