Fire Engine / Pumper

Setcom’s wireless headsets provides clear, uninterrupted communications for your fire engine / pumper applications.

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What fire engine / pumper operators Are Saying

The LiberatorMAX is the perfect communication system for the firefighting industry

Communication is critical for firefighters operating a fire engine. The ability to discuss fireground strategies in the apparatus cab while en route to an incident is essential to effective operations. Setcom’s systems work with a department’s two-way radio systems to maintain transmissions with dispatch while engaging in a fire attack. Equipping the driver / pump operator with the LiberatorMAX headset provides the freedom to interact with the vehicle’s intercom and radio systems without being tethered to the vehicle. The up-to-23dB noise reduction of the Setcom headset increases hearing protection, which allows for safe and reliable communications while the engineer is operating at the pump panel.

Select features:
  • Up to seven radio transmit and/or intercom positions.
  • Range: Up to 1,500 feet (line of sight).
  • Plug-n-play components.
  • Full-duplex intercom communications.
  • “Instant On” – No need to turn the headset on and off. Advanced motion sensor technology has been integrated into the Liberator Headset. Headset shuts down after 15 minutes of inactivity and will automatically turn back on when the user grabs the headset.
  • Repairable parts decrease the lifetime cost of ownership and fast repair turnaround decreases downtime.
  • Portable Radio Integration – the Portable Radio Adapter Cable allows a firefighter to simultaneously communicate over 2 radio channels.

Go Wireless

With Setcom's LiberatorMAX system, your team never has to worry about the lack of mobility or being tethered to any type of machinery or base station. This system will allow up to 8 people on one channel to wirelessly communicate with each other. Your engine / pumper crews will have the freedom to move around on the job site without ever losing communication.

Durable Headsets

Setcom has designed LiberatorMAX to withstand the demands of various types of rugged environments. Save time on finding a heavy-duty headset that will last. Make wireless headsets a part of your daily operations for effective communications.

Instant Connectivity with Full Duplex Communications

The LiberatorMAX system is perfect for engine / pumper crews who need to have clear conversations between one another on site without having to worry about any miscommunication. It also allows for various teams to come together on one channel when working the same project.

Innovation & Quality

Guaranteed Reliability

When departments purchase Setcom equipment, they receive guaranteed reliability and an aggressive approach to quality

Easy Installation

There is no console mounting required, no cable runs for intercom components, and no soldering or cable crimping

No Pairing

Simply turn your headsets to the same channel and you can talk to the crew

Unbelievable Audio Quality

Hear The Difference

Clear, crisp audio is a must in industrual settings to ensure accurate communication between team members.

Listen to Pepe’s Towing Service using the LiberatorMAX during a docking disaster situation. They are true professionals and talented at their craft. You can watch the full video on YouTube and see them in action. 

Two or more people

Setcom LiberatorMAX

Setcom’s least costly wireless solution for work teams of two or more people. Ideal system for engine / pumper crews to enjoy clear communication in high-noise environments. LiberatorMAX is simple to use and requires no installation, ready to be used seconds after opening the box.

Need a fixed mobile radio?

Setcom systems offer many advanced features for multiple crew communication situations requiring integration into an installed vehicle radio. Our fixed mobile radio system features the easiest installation on the market today. It requires only one base station to instantly connect up to seven wireless headsets.