Incident Command

Setcom provides the incident commander the ability to monitor transmissions from multiple radios, outside agencies, and even fellow firefighters to effectively coordinate an emergency response scene.

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What battalion chiefs Are Saying

The LiberatorMAX is the perfect communication system for the firefighting industry

Small Incident Command Vehicle (Battalion Chief Vehicles)

Starting with Setcom’s System 950MAX, communication is the most important aspect of a mobile command unit. Regardless of the event size, the incident commander needs to be in control of their communication devices to be in control of any situation. Whatever your department’s specific needs may be, Setcom has the wireless intercom system solution for your special emergency response units needed at major incidents. Setcom’s wireless intercom systems offer seamless integration of up to three mobile radios. Portable radios and cell phones can easily be added to form the most complete system available anywhere. With Setcom’s products, the incident commander can simultaneously monitor dispatch / command channels along with the fire ground / tactical channel.

Large Incident Command Vehicles (Mobile Command Units)

Massive scale incidents involving cooperating agencies require a communication system that can accommodate multiple radios and vehicles. Enter Setcom’s System 1600 for incident command units. This system has the capability of handling up to six radios at once. With full-duplex intercom and radio transmit for up to four crewmembers, the System 1600 is in a class of its own. Toggle switches for both radio and intercom are included to mute, monitor, and transmit, depending on the needs of the user for the application.

Other Systems to Consider for Incident Command Vehicles:

System 1300

Ideal for command vehicles that have two radios for multiple operators. The System 1300 is the only split audio intercom system on the market.

System 900SP

For fire departments whose budgets are constrained, the System 900SP single person system gives the command application another option for multiple radio selection.

Innovation & Quality

Guaranteed Reliability

When departments purchase Setcom equipment, they receive guaranteed reliability and an aggressive approach to quality

Easy Installation

There is no console mounting required, no cable runs for intercom components, and no soldering or cable crimping

No Pairing

Simply turn your headsets to the same channel and you can talk to the crew

Unbelievable Audio Quality

Hear The Difference

Clear, crisp audio is a must in industrual settings to ensure accurate communication between team members.

Listen to Pepe’s Towing Service using the LiberatorMAX during a docking disaster situation. They are true professionals and talented at their craft. You can watch the full video on YouTube and see them in action. 

Two or more people

Setcom LiberatorMAX

Setcom’s least costly wireless solution for work teams of two or more people. Ideal system for battalion chiefs and mobile command units to enjoy clear communication in high-noise environments. LiberatorMAX is simple to use and requires no installation, ready to be used seconds after opening the box.

Need a fixed mobile radio?

Setcom systems offer many advanced features for multiple crew communication situations requiring integration into an installed vehicle radio. Our fixed mobile radio system features the easiest installation on the market today. It requires only one base station to instantly connect up to seven wireless headsets.