When riding the rails, repairing train tracks, or working in a rail yard, Setcom headsets allow clear communication between crew members.

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What rail Professionals Are Saying

LiberatorMAX system headset

The LiberatorMAX is the perfect communication system for the train and rail industry

There’s nothing quite as nerve-racking for railroad workers than trying to find a way to stay in constant contact with each other to ensure that trains are up and running safely and properly. An integral part of this work is having the ability to communicate effectively with other team members. Setcom’s wireless headset communication systems are exactly what rail yard crews need for safe, effective and increased communication.

  • No Costly, Time-Consuming Base Station Required. Crews don’t have to worry about installing a base or lugging any type of module around. Setcom’s LiberatorMAX wireless intercom system is easy to use and can be instantly deployed out of the box to get your rail yard crew connected in seconds.
  • Reliable in the Toughest Conditions. Setcom’s headset equipment has longevity needed in rugged, demanding environments. Our heavy-duty headsets are designed to last through the toughest train and rail yard conditions, whether a receiving yard, maintenance yard, coach yard or switching yard.
  • Full-Duplex Communications. Half-duplex and traditional two-way radio communications make it much more difficult to have a reliable conversation. With Setcom’s LiberatorMAX wireless, full-duplex headset communications system, you can simultaneously talk with other team members and be heard. This increases communications and reduces the risk of any directions being missed by the rail crew.

Prevent Traffic Hazards

Working on train tracks present many hazardous risks. The advantage of real-time communication amid rail traffic makes a huge impact on the crew's safety. If your yard crew is busy adjusting and examining tracks, reliable communication is urgently needed.

Protect Worker's Hearing

Think about all the harmful exposure to noise yardmasters and rail yard workers experience being out on the rails all day. Setcom's headsets will reduce dangerous ambient noise by up to 23 dB, protecting the rail crews' hearing during these high noise jobs.

Work Safely on Train Tracks

Crews spend long hours decoupling railcars, unloading parts in train yards and maintaining miles of tracks. Setcom's systems allow hands free, full-duplex communication that allow your crews keep their hands on the important parts of the train such as handling the draw hooks or train pins.

Innovation & Quality

Guaranteed Reliability

When departments purchase Setcom equipment, they receive guaranteed reliability and an aggressive approach to quality

Easy Installation

There is no console mounting required, no cable runs for intercom components, and no soldering or cable crimping

No Pairing

Simply turn your headsets to the same channel and you can talk to the crew

Unbelievable Audio Quality

Hear The Difference

Clear, crisp audio is a must in industrual settings to ensure accurate communication between team members.

Listen to Pepe’s Towing Service using the LiberatorMAX during a docking disaster situation. They are true professionals and talented at their craft. You can watch the full video on YouTube and see them in action. 

Two or more people

Setcom LiberatorMAX

Setcom’s affordable wireless solution is perfect for work teams of two or more people. It is an ideal system for a yardmaster on the train tracks to be able to effectively give directions and warnings to a railroad worker who is on the other side of the site. LiberatorMAX is simple to use and requires no installation so it is up and running seconds after opening the box.

Need a fixed mobile radio?

Setcom systems offer many advanced features for multiple crew communication situations requiring integration into an installed vehicle radio. Our fixed mobile radio system features the easiest installation on the market today. It requires only one base station to instantly connect up to seven wireless headsets.