Tree Trimming

Setcom has the best systems on the market for tree service experts to increase safety and communication.

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What tree trimming Professionals Are Saying

The LiberatorMAX is the perfect communication system for the tree trimming industry

Tree service work requires consistent and coherent communications between all of a crew’s members. Setcom has communications systems specifically adapted for the many arboriculture applications that exist. Whether your company focuses on utility line clearing, residential tree trimming, urban forestry, or commercial vegetation management, Setcom’s headset equipment will help your team be safer, meet OSHA regulations, and be more productive.

Chippers and chain saws almost always have noise levels that exceed 90 dBA when workers are in close proximity of those machines. In order to protect the hearing of tree care employees and comply with OSHA Standard 1910.95 concerning Occupational Noise Exposure, reliable and rugged equipment is needed. Setcom’s 23-24dB noise reduction headsets help in the effort to protect hearing and also provide clear communications amongst a crew. Hearing conservation programs are critical operating requirements in today’s tree service industry. Moreover, not only do tree service companies have to comply with Federal OSHA regulations, many states now have their own state-level OSHA-type requirements. An example is Michigan’s MIOSHA R 408.15301 Part 53 for Tree Trimming and Removal.

Tree Trimming Resources

Arborist Operations – MIOSHA Compliance and Safety

Berkeley Law – Trees and Power Lines:
Minimizing Conflicts between Electric Power Infrastructure and the Urban Forest

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NC Arborist Safety Program

Ground Crew to Aerial / Tree Crew

One of the most important applications for improved verbal interaction while on a worksite for arborists is communications between a spotter on the ground and a worker in an aerial lift or tree. Proper communications keeps all team members safer and allows for tree trimming work to be done in a more efficient manner which saves tree cutting companies time and money. With Setcom equipment deployed to your work team, there is significantly reduced shouting, misunderstood communications, and unintelligible hand signals.

wireless headsets for tree trimming crews

Chipper Crew

Woodchippers are known to be loud with ambient noise levels well above 90 dBA and require hearing protection to meet OSHA regulations. In addition, clear communications is critical around tree chippers. Your forestry work crews will be safer and more efficient with Setcom headset communications equipment.

wireless headsets for wood chipper crews

No FCC license required

Unlike using a conventional two-way radio / walkie-talkie, Setcom's systems operate in a license-free frequency band and do not require applying for and maintaining an FCC license which saves you money, time, and the hassle of renewing a license.

Hands-Free. No Push-to-Talk (PTT) Required.

With Setcom wireless systems, just start talking and your crew members will hear you. Setcom's open microphone mode in combination with superior noise cancellation technology allows for hands-free communication without the burden of pressing a button to communicate. This increases safety and allows you to keep your hands where they should be like on your chainsaw or rope.

Full Duplex Communications

Have a normal human conversation without the stilted and difficult nature of a half-duplex, two-way radio discussion that often ends up requiring one crew member to repeat himself a second time.

Innovation & Quality

Guaranteed Reliability

When departments purchase Setcom equipment, they receive guaranteed reliability and an aggressive approach to quality

Easy Installation

There is no console mounting required, no cable runs for intercom components, and no soldering or cable crimping

No Pairing

Simply turn your headsets to the same channel and you can talk to the crew

Unbelievable Audio Quality

Hear The Difference

Clear, crisp audio is a must in industrual settings to ensure accurate communication between team members.

Listen to Pepe’s Towing Service using the LiberatorMAX during a docking disaster situation. They are true professionals and talented at their craft. You can watch the full video on YouTube and see them in action. 

Two or more people

Setcom LiberatorMAX

Inexpensive and simple to use. Ideal for the tree service industry. LiberatorMAX is up and running 30 seconds after opening the box.

Need a fixed mobile radio?

Setcom systems offer many advanced features for multiple crew communication situations requiring integration into an installed vehicle radio. Our fixed mobile radio system features the easiest installation on the market today. It requires only one base station to instantly connect up to seven wireless headsets.