wireless headsets for public works crews

Public Works Communications System

When it comes to the operation and maintenance of a city's infrastructure, communication is key. Unclear communications can impede productivity meaning less return on time and money invested. Setcom's LiberatorMAX system provides hands-free, clear communication and hearing protection so your water works, or public works crew can focus on their job at hand whether they are repairing a sewer line, rebuilding a sidewalk curb, servicing traffic signals or patching a pothole.

The benefits of utilizing Setcom's Wireless Headsets include: Why Use the Setcom LiberatorMAX system?
Recommended Systems
Two or More People: LiberatorMAX. Setcom's inexpensive wireless solution is perfect for work teams of two or more people. It is an ideal system for a public works superintendent or supervisor to be able to effectively give directions and warnings to a public works crew member who is on the other side of the job site. LiberatorMAX is simple to use and requires no installation so it is up and running seconds after opening the box.

Fixed Mobile Radio: LiberatorMAX Vehicle Intercom System. Many advanced features for multiple crew communication situations requiring integration into an installed vehicle radio. This system features the easiest installation on the market today. It requires only one base station to instantly connect up to seven wireless headsets.