Radio Cables

Setcom’s portable radio adapter cables (PRACs) allow radio transmit headsets, normally designed for use with an intercom system, to be used with a portable radio. Setcom offers PRACs for all commonly used portable radios.

Radio Designator List

Setcom offers radio cables for all commonly used radios

NameMakeModelsTX LevelRadio Cable
LGBendix King/ RelmDMH55925RCB-xxLG
WMBendix King/ RelmKNG-M1505RC-xxWM
GTAHarris (M/A - COM)Orion, Jaguar 725M, M7100 (DB25 direct connect into control head)5RC-xGTA
GTCHarris (M/A - COM)Orion, Jaguar 725M, M7100 (Harris Extended Option Accessory Cable Needed)5RC-xxGTC
GTEHarris (M/A - COM)M7300, M5300, XG-100M, XG-25M, XG-75M5RC-xxGTE
GTHHarris (M/A - COM)CH-721 & CH-100 control heads on Harris M7300-series and XG-series mobile radios5RC-xxGTH

GTKHarris (M/A - COM)XL-185M, XL-200M5RC-xxGTK
HAHyteraHytera MD78X Series5RCB-xxHA
Y17-1ICOMM602, M604, M604(A), M504A-71, M506-31, M506-41, M510, M605 RadiosDRCB-xxY17-1
Y17-1(MAC)ICOMICOM M602, M604, M604(A), M504A-71, M506-31, M506-41, M510, M605
*Note: if the user wants to use the ICOM hand-mic in conjunction with our system, they need the MACB-Y17-1
Y3ICOMA-110, A-120BRCB-xxY3
YBICOMF5400, F6400, F75100RCB-xxYB
YYICOMA200, A200B, A210, and A2205MAC-7AYY-6
YZICOMF5201/F5202, F320, F420, F520, F1020, F2020, F1721x, F1821x, F2721x, F2821, F110, F111, F121, F5021, F610, F620, F621, F5061, F5062, F50634LMACB-YZ
KIKenwoodTK-730, TK-830, TK-6110DRCB-xxKI
KNKenwoodTK-690, -790, -890 (for RF deck; 25-pin connector)DRCB-xxKN
KOKenwoodTK690, 790, 890 (for control head; pins only)DRCB-xxKO
KRKenwoodTK740, 760, 762, 840, 860, 862, 940, TK-780, 880, 980DRCB-xxKR
KSKenwoodTK-7150, TK-8150DRCB-xxKS
KUKenwoodTK-5710B, TK-5710H(B), TK-5810, TK-5810BDRCB-xxKU
KVKenwoodTK-7160H, TK-8160HDMACB-xxKV
KWKenwoodNX700, NX800, NX900, NX-5000, NX-5700, NX-5800, VM5000, VM5930, VM7000, TK-5720, TK-5820, TK-7180, TK-8180, NX-5200, NX-5900/NX5900(B) (TK-5930)DRCB-xxKW
KXKenwoodTK-7360, 8360, 7302, 8302, NX-820, NX-840, NX-3820DRCB-xxKX
M10MotorolaCM200D, CM300D, PM400, CDM 750, 1250, 1550, 1550LS+, PRO5100, PRO7100, XPR 2500, GM160, GM300, EM200, EM400,MTM800, PM12005RC-xxM10
MTMMotorolaMTM5x00 series radios5RC-xxMTM

MUMotorolaSyntor X-9000, Maratrac with Advanced Control Head, Spectra, XTL and APX Series Radios that use Motorola's Motorcycle Accessory Cable (3080010R04 [HLN7026B]) as per Motorola: The motorcycle radio installation is NOT APPLICABLE FOR 100W radios, APX 4500/APX 1500 radios and O9 control heads5MACB-MU
MU4KMotorolaAPX/XTL series of mobile radios, dash-mount or remote-mount versions, PM1500 Radios5RC-xxMU4K
MU5MotorolaXPR4300, 4350, 4500, 4550, 5350, 5550, DGM4100, DGM5000, DGM5500, DGM8000, DGM85005RC-xxMU5
MWMotorolaMaxtrac, M1225, CM200, CM300, PM400 Possibly: M100, M208, M216, M120, M10, SM1205RC-xxMW
SQStandardGX5500S, GX2000, GX2100, GX2150 (NOT GX1600!)5RC-xxSQ
ZATaitTM8000 & TM9000 Series Radios (i.e. TM8110, TM8115, TM9155H)9RCB-xxZA
ZBTaitTM8000 & TM9000 Series Radios (i.e. TM9155H) Created for Lunenburg FD, see case 131349RCB-xxZB
TDTechnisonicTLC-100 (a.k.a. Til-90-6R) and TMS-150 (a.k.a. Til-91-DE)MAC-7ATD
TFTechnisonicTDAM-1000 (TMS-110)FRCB-xxTF
Y14VertexVX-2100, VX-2200, VX-4200, VX-7200, 4600IBRCB-xxY14
Y15VertexVX-4000, VX-5500, VX-60005RCB-xxY15
Unterminated-Unterminated Radio Cable(set by user)RCB-xx