Quick Reference Guide: LiberatorMAXđŸ”„

How do I tell what type of headset I have?

Reference the part number on the Setcom sticker found on the black metal band of the headset:


CSB-900MAX: Radio-Transmit Headset

CSB-902MAX: Radio-Transmit Headset with Vented Cup

CSB-901MAX: Intercom-Only Headset

CSB-905MAX: Intercom-Only Headset with Vented Cup

How do I know what channel my headset is on?

Turn on the headset using the power / volume knob on the right ear cup. You will hear a series of beeps to let you know how charged the headset is (1 beep = low charge, 3 beeps = full charge), then a voice tells you the channel your headset is on.

How do I know what channel the master station is on?

The master station channel is on the LED display on the front of the master station.

How do I change the channel of the headset?

Press and hold the buttons on both ear cups simultaneously. You will hear the channels begin to cycle through. Once you hear the channel you want to be on, simply let go of the buttons and you will be instantly connected.

How do I change the channel of the master station?

Press the black button near the LED display to get the the next channel. Continue this process until you get to the channel the master station should be on.

Intercom-Only headset: Can hear intercom and radio audio but cannot talk via intercom to other headsets

Check to make sure the mic is not muted: Press the button on the right ear cup once. If you hear a two-beep ascending tone, you opened up the mic and should be able to intercom again. If you hear a two-beep descending tone, you muted the mic. You can still hear everything going on, but cannot talk.

Headset(s) can intercom but cannot hear or transmit over the radio

Confirm your headset is on the same channel as the MS-900MAX master station. See #2 above for checking the channel of your headset, then see #3 to confirm the master station is on the same channel.

Other crew members or dispatch say my audio sounds low or accompanied with static
  1. Confirm proper MIC placement.
  2. Confirm you have a windscreen on the mic
  3. Confirm antenna on the headset is secured
How many headsets can connect to one master station?

You can have any combination of up to seven radio-transmit and intercom-only headsets connected to one master station at a time. If any headsets attempt to join the channel beyond the initial seven headsets, they will join as a listen-only headset(s): they can hear everything that is going on but will not be able to talk or transmit.

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