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The 2009 North American Motor Officer’s Association Symposium

June 9th, 2009 Posted in Rodeos

lineup.png Located in the Rogue Valley between the Cascade Range and Siskiyou Mountains, about 2 miles outside Medford, Oregon, is the Jackson County Expo Center and Fairgrounds, the host site for the 2009 NAMOA International Training Conference. It was another thrilling year at the 2009 symposium. The expo and fairground’s spacious parking lot allowed room for over 25 riders to compete simultaneously on the various courses provided, as well as accommodate the multiple vendor exhibits that were showcased.

seer.png Registration for events began Wednesday, May 13th and practice began and continued through Friday afternoon. The competition consisted of five different courses to challenge the officers and keep them on their toes throughout the week. A break for lunch was welcomed daily at 11:30am and provided the riders and vendors a time to relax and get acquainted with motor officers from visiting cities.

On Thursday morning, the officers faced a different challenge with rain and water on the trees.pngcourses. However weather conditions did not stop the intense course practice, instead the riders utilized the conditions for training and handled it as just another environmental hazard they might face.

As a seeming reward for the officers’ diligence, Friday and Saturday turned out to be beautiful as weather conditions returned to sunny days and a comfortable 75 degrees.

bike.pngMotor officers were handling an array of bikes, riding Harley’s, BMW’s, and Honda’s. Beaudry Motorsports was in attendance and boasted the new Kawasaki 1400 GTR Police Bike, making it available for test rides. Not surprisingly, many of the motor officers took them up on their offer! A department staying ahead of the curve and currently using these new bikes is the Idaho State Patrol. The new Kawasaki is not only a sharp looking motorcycle; it has 155 HP and a top end of 150 MPH.

cones.pngAfter the long days of practice, The Ramada Medford and Convention Center was home in the evening for many of the motor officers and their families. On Friday evening, the Association held “Vendor Night” where free pizza and beer were provided to all who came by to talk with vendors. The event created a friendly atmosphere to discuss new products – clothing for officers, emergency lighting for motorcycles, Motorola radios, and police motorcycle communication equipment. On Saturday evening, a special banquet was held for the motor officers and their families recognizing the officers with the best course times. It was a wonderful, relaxing time to commend the winning officers and conclude a very successful week.

twobikes.pngThe hospitality expressed, and organization of each day’s events made the conference a fun time for the motor officers and their families. Very special thanks to John Naccarato – President of NAMOA, Pete Dalton – Secretary-Treasurer, and Greg Nichols who was our host in Medford. Click for this year’s results. The 2010 NOMOA Conference will be held in Marysville, WA.


About NAMOA- the North American Motor Officers Association was formed in 1982 by Officer’s from Gresham, Beaverton (OR) and Vancouver, WA and Clark County SO (WA) – Originally named Oregon Washington Motor Officers Association. The basis was for small units (2 to 4 motors each) to join together annually to promote training and safety skills. From 1984 through 1994, more cities joined the Association from Washington and Oregon. In 1994 the Association voted to change the name to NAMOA. From 1995 to the present time, cities from British Columbia, Alberta, and RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) have joined the Association. (NAMOA website).

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