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The Future of Wireless Communication

Introducing the LiberatorMax & LiberatorMAX🔥

The easiest to use, most versatile high quality and affordable headsets on the market

Setcom LiberatorMAX

Hands-Free, Real-Time Communications

No one offers a more easy-to-use, ready out-of-the-box wireless intercom system than Setcom.

The LiberatorMAX allows crews to speak with each other in real time. There are no buttons to push and you do not have to wait your turn to talk like you do with a traditional 2-way radio system. Simply talk and be heard.

  • NO Base Station Required
  • NO Installation Required
  • NO Pairing

The most advanced system for fire apparatus communications

There is not another system that is easier to install and use than the ruggedized LiberatorMAX🔥 Fire system.

Installation consists of one master station, a radio cable, and however many headset charging cables and hanger hooks you need for your apparatus crew size. It’s that easy!

  • NO console mounting required
  • NO cable runs for intercom components
  • NO soldering or cable crimping

What They Are Saying

Police Motor Wireless Communication

Introducing the Liberator Wireless, this portable-only is the most recent advance in police motorcycle communications.

Libertor Wireless

improve the safety of law enforcement professionals through enhanced communication

One of the most cutting edge products for police motorcycle officers, the Liberator Wireless allows freedom of mobility by eliminating the cable between the officer and the motorcycle providing clear and reliable communication.

  • NO Pairing
  • NO Battery
  • Built Rugged For Motorcycle Policing
  • Waterproof
Police motorcycle wireless water-proof portable-only radio


SuperMic police motorcycle portable radio


helmet kit three-quarter full face

Full & 3/4 Helmet

police motorcycle half shell helmet kit

Half Shell Helmet