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Setcom Office

3019 Alvin DeVane Blvd.
Suite 560
Austin, TX 78741

Main: 650-965-8020
Fax: 650-965-1193

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3019 Alvin DeVane Blvd.
Suite 560
Austin, TX 78741

Main: 650-965-8020
Fax: 650-965-1193
eMail: tech@setcomcorp.com

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During the warranty period, Setcom Corporation will repair or replace, at its option, any parts found to be defective in workmanship or materials, under normal and proper use and service; and which our examination shall disclose to be defective in our good faith judgment.
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Setcom Office

3019 Alvin DeVane Blvd.
Suite 560
Austin, TX 78741

Main: 650-965-8020
Fax: 650-965-1193

Warranty Information

Radio Designator List

The following information is only a general guide to Setcom’s radio designators and compatibility. If you would like more information about which radios are compatible with Setcom systems, please call us at 650-965-8020

NameMakeModelsTX LevelRadio Cable
LGBendix King/ RelmDMH55925RCB-xxLG
WMBendix King/ RelmKNG-M1505RC-xxWM
GTAHarris (M/A - COM)Orion, Jaguar 725M, M7100 (DB25 direct connect into control head)5RC-xGTA
GTCHarris (M/A - COM)Orion, Jaguar 725M, M7100 (Harris Extended Option Accessory Cable Needed)5RC-xxGTC
GTEHarris (M/A - COM)M7300, M5300, XG-100M, XG-25M, XG-75M5RC-xxGTE
GTHHarris (M/A - COM)CH-721 & CH-100 control heads on Harris M7300-series and XG-series mobile radios5RC-xxGTH

GTKHarris (M/A - COM)XL-185M, XL-200M5RC-xxGTK
HAHyteraHytera MD78X Series5RCB-xxHA
Y17-1ICOMM602, M604, M604(A), M504A-71, M506-31, M506-41, M510, M605 RadiosDRCB-xxY17-1
Y17-1(MAC)ICOMICOM M602, M604, M604(A), M504A-71, M506-31, M506-41, M510, M605
*Note: if the user wants to use the ICOM hand-mic in conjunction with our system, they need the MACB-Y17-1
Y3ICOMA-110, A-120BRCB-xxY3
YBICOMF5400, F6400, F75100RCB-xxYB
YYICOMA200, A200B, A210, and A2205MAC-7AYY-6
YZICOMF5201/F5202, F320, F420, F520, F1020, F2020, F1721x, F1821x, F2721x, F2821, F110, F111, F121, F5021, F610, F620, F621, F5061, F5062, F50634LMACB-YZ
KIKenwoodTK-730, TK-830, TK-6110DRCB-xxKI
KNKenwoodTK-690, -790, -890 (for RF deck; 25-pin connector)DRCB-xxKN
KOKenwoodTK690, 790, 890 (for control head; pins only)DRCB-xxKO
KRKenwoodTK740, 760, 762, 840, 860, 862, 940, TK-780, 880, 980DRCB-xxKR
KSKenwoodTK-7150, TK-8150DRCB-xxKS
KUKenwoodTK-5710B, TK-5710H(B), TK-5810, TK-5810BDRCB-xxKU
KVKenwoodTK-7160H, TK-8160HDMACB-xxKV
KWKenwoodNX700, NX800, NX900, NX-5000, NX-5700, NX-5800, VM5000, VM5930, VM7000, TK-5720, TK-5820, TK-7180, TK-8180, NX-5200, NX-5900/NX5900(B) (TK-5930)DRCB-xxKW
KXKenwoodTK-7360, 8360, 7302, 8302, NX-820, NX-840, NX-3820DRCB-xxKX
M10MotorolaCM200D, CM300D, PM400, CDM 750, 1250, 1550, 1550LS+, PRO5100, PRO7100, XPR 2500, GM160, GM300, EM200, EM400,MTM800, PM12005RC-xxM10
MTMMotorolaMTM5x00 series radios5RC-xxMTM

MUMotorolaSyntor X-9000, Maratrac with Advanced Control Head, Spectra, XTL and APX Series Radios that use Motorola's Motorcycle Accessory Cable (3080010R04 [HLN7026B]) as per Motorola: The motorcycle radio installation is NOT APPLICABLE FOR 100W radios, APX 4500/APX 1500 radios and O9 control heads5MACB-MU
MU4KMotorolaAPX/XTL series of mobile radios, dash-mount or remote-mount versions, PM1500 Radios5RC-xxMU4K
MU5MotorolaXPR4300, 4350, 4500, 4550, 5350, 5550, DGM4100, DGM5000, DGM5500, DGM8000, DGM85005RC-xxMU5
MWMotorolaMaxtrac, M1225, CM200, CM300, PM400 Possibly: M100, M208, M216, M120, M10, SM1205RC-xxMW
SQStandardGX5500S, GX2000, GX2100, GX2150 (NOT GX1600!)5RC-xxSQ
ZATaitTM8000 & TM9000 Series Radios (i.e. TM8110, TM8115, TM9155H)9RCB-xxZA
ZBTaitTM8000 & TM9000 Series Radios (i.e. TM9155H) Created for Lunenburg FD, see case 131349RCB-xxZB
TDTechnisonicTLC-100 (a.k.a. Til-90-6R) and TMS-150 (a.k.a. Til-91-DE)MAC-7ATD
TFTechnisonicTDAM-1000 (TMS-110)FRCB-xxTF
Y14VertexVX-2100, VX-2200, VX-4200, VX-7200, 4600IBRCB-xxY14
Y15VertexVX-4000, VX-5500, VX-60005RCB-xxY15
Unterminated-Unterminated Radio Cable(set by user)RCB-xx

Product Documents

Please use our online resource to easily find additional product information such as wiring diagrams, troubleshooting notes, user guides and instruction manuals.

GeneralService bulletin describing the proper way to clean Setcom wired and wireless headsets
LiberatorMaxLiberatorMaxLiberatorMAX MIC Description and Placement
LiberatorMAX User Guide (CSB-990MAX, CSB-992MAX)
LiberatorMAX Industrial Specifications
LiberatorMAX🔥LiberatorMAX🔥 User Guide (CSB-900MAX, CSB-901MAX, CSB-902MAX, CSB-905MAX)
MS-900MAX User Guide
LiberatorMAX🔥 Specifications
900 Series Wired Headsets8B HeadsetExploded Parts View for 8B-900, 8B-901, 8B-901-1
CSB HeadsetExploded Parts View for CSB-900R/L, CSB-901R/L-1, CSB-901R/L-8
900 Series Wireless HeadsetsInstallation guide for gel earpads on wireless headsets
Instructions for W3 and W4 headsets and base stations
Installation guide for Aerial Advantage antenna
Liberator Motorcycle Wireless (PO)LiberatorMicLiberator Portable-Only Code Block Information
Instructions for matching a Liberator wireless SuperMic with a wireless handlebar PTT unit
Liberator Portable-Only motorcycle cable kits (MW_-31) Installation Guide
Police Motorcycle Helmet KitsFull FaceInstallation Guide (kit ending in "4IM")
Half ShellK_-11S & K_-21S Installation Guide
Police Motorcycle Wired ComKitsManual for mobile-only without public address (71 Series ComKits)
Manual for mobile+portable with public address (63 Series ComKits). MCH-63MU, MCB15-63xx, and other related kits.

Addendum for installation of Setcom's new Universal push-to-talk (PTT) bracket
MWB15-63xx installation guide. For 63-series wired cable kits on 2015 BMW Motors.
Suggested PTT Assembly Instructions

System 900SP900SPMS-900SP Single Person System User Guide
MS-900SPW4 Single Person System User Guide
System 950 / 977950 / 977 IntercomSystem 950 Summary
Liberator Wireless Headset for the System 950 Diagram
IM-950 Intercom Master Station User Guide
IM-950W4 Intercom Master Station User Guide
IM-977W4 Intercom Master Station User Guide
IM-977 Intercom Master Station User Guide
RRC-950 Radio Routing Controller User Guide
System 13101310 IntercomSystem 1310 Manual
Master Station 1350 User Guide
System 16001600 IntercomSystem 1600 Manual

Legacy Product Documents

Legacy product documents such as wiring diagrams, troubleshooting notes, user guides and instruction manuals.

Liberator Motorcycle Wireless (PO)SuperMicLiberator Portable-Only SuperMic (M2A version) Instruction Manual
SuperMicLiberator Portable-Only SuperMic (M9 version) Instruction Manual