Industrial headsets for utility line pulling crews

Utility Aerial Service

Utility line pulling, overhead construction, wind farm maintenance, public works repair, and aerial refurbishment work demand clear and reliable communications for the entire team. With decades of experience working with utility crews, Setcom has rugged communications systems designed for all of the environments and applications that a crew in a bucket truck will encounter.

This type of aerial work can be dangerous and must be done in a safe manner particularly when working around energized lines and having moving traffic close to the aerial lift, ladder, or cherry picker that is being used to assist in the job. OSHA has long stipulated rules to insure proper communication including its Regulation 1926.1408(b)(4)(ii)(C) for Power Line Safety which states: "Where necessary, use equipment that enables the dedicated spotter to communicate directly with the operator." Setcom has the communications gear to make your teams safe on their work sites.

Why Use a Setcom Wireless System?

Recommended Systems

Two or more People: LiberatorMAX: Setcom's least costly wireless solution for work teams of two people. Ideal system for a spotter on the ground to be able to communicate with a worker in an aerial bucket. LiberatorMAX is simple to use and requires no installation so it is up and running seconds after opening the box.

Fixed Mobile Radio: LiberatorMAX Vehicle Intercom System. Many advanced features for multiple crew communication situations requiring integration into an installed vehicle radio. This system features the easiest installation on the market today. It requires only one base station to instantly connect up to seven wireless headsets.

Utility Pole Communications